A Statement on Anthony Weiner’s Presence in the Mayoral Race

Following former Congressman Anthony Weiner's confession this afternoon, Democratic Mayoral candidate and former City Councilman Sal Albanese released the following statement:

"From the moment he entered the race, I've said that Tony Weiner was unfit to serve as Mayor of our great city. Today, that is clearer than ever.

Since he entered public life, Tony has made a career of misleading New Yorkers rather than improving their lives. When he ran for City Council, he misled them with a racially-charged mailer about his opponent. As a Councilman, he mislead tenants to believe he would support rent control. As a Congressman, he sent sexually explicit photos to women, then told a bold-faced lie on national television, saying that he was an innocent victim of hacking.

Now, just 49 days before the election, he admits that he misled us again. Unfortunately, my other opponents have danced around the issue. I'm not going to do that. I'm calling for Anthony Weiner to do right by New Yorkers and withdraw from the race."

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