Sal’s Plan for Stop and Frisk

Sal recently discussed his plan for reforming stop and frisk on MSNBC's Up with Chris Hayes:

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Sal is committed to holding the line on violent crime and terrorism, reducing community-police tension, and addressing quality-of-life issues that have left many New Yorkers feeling vulnerable in their own neighborhoods.

Sal sees stop and frisk as a useful tool for reducing gun violence that needs to be reformed. No one should be stopped in violation of the Constitution. Unfortunately, the current program has created serious tension that needs to be addressed. As Mayor, Sal would:

• Train recruits in the academy and test officers in the field to ensure that stops meet Constitutional standards.

• Hire 3,800 more officers and putting most of them on patrol to build trust and rapport with community members.

• Advocate the legalization, taxation, and regulation of marijuana, which accounts for a large proportion of stop and frisk arrests.

Legalization is not a panacea. But done right, Sal believes we can reduce drug use among young people by strictly regulating the market, free up thousands of police hours per year to focus on violent and quality-of-life crimes, raise significant revenue for the city to improve services, and eliminate one of the most common reasons for a stop and frisk encounter.

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